Monday, 20 May 2019 10:30

The Benefits Of Group Fitness In Denver

Are you having a hard time sticking to your fitness plan? Or are you losing interest in your exercises? At Whole Intent, we understand how difficult health and wellness plans can be, especially when you’re taking it on solo. But, you don’t have to go at it alone: group fitness classes could be the answer you’re looking for. When you participate in group fitness in Denver, you experience a wealth of benefits that not only improve your quality of life, but also keep you interested and engaged in physical exercise. Group fitness classes may be exactly what you need to improve your workouts.

What To Expect From Group Fitness In Denver

While every personal trainer will take a different approach to group fitness classes, at Whole Intent we personalize our group fitness sessions to the groups that we work with. Our fitness trainer first gets an understanding of the goals of each participant and their physical capabilities, which she then uses to develop a comprehensive workout plan that is designed with every individual goal in mind.

Typically, our group fitness classes are 60-minute sessions, which consist of a warm-up, high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training, and ending a cool-down/recovery period. Each session is different from the last, as we work in different exercises and focus on different muscle groups in a highly-structured and supportive environment. You can expect your group fitness trainer to utilize their expert knowledge to keep your heart rate high for the entire session and challenge your limitations consistently.

How Group Fitness In Denver Benefits You

Aside from the most obvious benefit of physical exercise, there are a number of additional benefits waiting to be capitalized upon in group fitness classes. While this list is not comprehensive, it highlights the more notable benefits one can experience from group fitness in Denver.

1) Reduced Stress & Improved Quality of Life

While this may sound counterintuitive due to the social pressures a group of peers may present, group fitness courses are designed to be low-stress environments that provide the benefits of a personal trainer without making you feel uncomfortable.

Science-based studies have found that people who took group exercise classes experienced less stress and more physical, emotional, and mental health benefits than those who exercised alone or did not hit the gym at all. And since we already know that exercise is great for your mental health, we can assume that the social atmosphere of group fitness in Denver can compound those health benefits.

Who doesn’t want less stress and an improved well-being?

2) Improved Motivation & Accountability

If you’ve struggled with exercise routines in the past, you’ve most likely had your fair share of motivational issues. Or maybe motivation was just a piece of a larger problem and you’ve struggled to keep yourself accountable throughout your workout plan. These are all-too-common problems that are easily remedied by group fitness classes.

When you participate in group fitness in Denver, the social atmosphere challenges you to work beyond your personal limitations. The group fitness instructor pushes everyone to go past their perceived limits and, since everyone is working towards the same goal, you’re more likely to work out harder. And when an absence is noticed, everyone in the class will share a general concern, which increases personal accountability.

It’s worth noting that these statements are backed up by studies rooted in science. It’s been well documented that positive peer pressure motivates individuals to continue their physical activities and challenge themselves even further.

3) Learn Correct Form & New Exercises

When you participate in group fitness in Denver, you get the chance to learn from a group fitness coach who will, most likely, have years of expertise and training under their belt, which means they understand the ins-and-outs of every exercise.

They’ll be able to provide hands-on demonstrations and coach you through exercises to perfect your form, thus helping you avoid future injuries. And because the workouts are different every time, you’ll learn new exercises which give you the building blocks to improve your future workouts.

4) Social Opportunities

Since you’ll be exercising with a group of others, there will undoubtedly be plenty of social opportunities. Group fitness classes in Denver are terrific places to meet new people who have similar lifestyles or fitness goals as you.

Group fitness in Denver gives you the chance to make new friends, have adult conversations with like-minded individuals, and strengthen connections within your own community. For instance, when you attend a group fitness class in your apartment building, you can meet your neighbors and learn new things about your small community. Maybe you’ll gain the confidence to finally ask for that cup of sugar.

5) Have Fun While Working Out

This is probably the biggest benefit of any group fitness class: they’re fun! Whether your session is with friends, family, or complete strangers, you get to be active around others and try something new. You’ll leave feeling energized, refreshed, and more powerful than before. Give a class a try and you’ll see how much fun group fitness in Denver can be.

Try Group Fitness In Denver With Whole Intent

At Whole Intent, we specialize in a wide variety of services, from one-on-one personal training to nutrition coaching. And we certainly don’t skip over group fitness. Using our fitness expertise, we personalize each group fitness class to the goals and capabilities of the participants. Plus, we’re not tied down to one gym, so we’ll bring the group fitness session to you! Whether you want to exercise in a park, at your local gym, or in the plaza of your office, our personal trainer will meet you where you want.

Whole Intent is here to help you meet your goals. Our approach to group fitness in Denver will help you work towards and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Book your first group fitness class with Whole Intent today!