A group works through a series of deadlifts, part of a group fitness class.

Group Fitness Classes In Denver, Colorado

We've all seen the impossibly energized group fitness instructor at our local gym – microphone on, music turned up, she never seems to run out of breath. It can be an intimidating addition to a class that offers a wide variety of benefits. Our group fitness classes in Denver are designed to help you reap the benefits of a personal trainer without feeling uncomfortable working out with a group of strangers or breaking the bank.

Why Group Fitness Classes Work

Group fitness classes are effective for a number of reasons. Whether you need someone to hold you accountable to show up to your workout or you have no fun working out on your own, our group fitness classes in Denver can be the perfect addition to your fitness regimen. Here's what you get when you workout with a group:

  • Expert guidance of a personal trainer
  • Budget friendly pricing
  • Partners to hold you accountable
  • Hands-on demonstrations – perfect for those new to fitness!
  • Highly efficient, comprehensive workouts
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • FUN!

All of these factors play a role in getting you to the gym and helping you get the most out of your workout. Group fitness classes work because they are the perfect combination of all of the aspects necessary to make progress on your fitness goals. If you hate working out, you're not going to do it, which is why we strive to make our group fitness classes fun and challenging so that you are always encouraged to come to the gym.

What To Expect With Whole Intent

Whole Intent's group fitness classes in Denver are personalized to each and every group we work with. Grab your pals and we will meet you at the Denver Metro gym of your choice.

We follow the same approach in our group fitness classes that we do with our one-on-one personal training. We get to know what your goals are and do an initial analysis of each group member's form and capabilities. We use this information to build a comprehensive workout that is designed with your goals in mind.

Each 60-minute session consists of a warm-up, high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training, and a cool-down and recovery period.

The Benefits Of Group Fitness Classes In Denver

Learn Correct Form

Our personal trainer will guide you through each exercise to ensure proper form, helping you prevent injury and get the maximum effectiveness of each exercise. Just slight adjustments to form in many exercises can have you training an entirely different muscle group, so it is important to perform your exercises the correct way.

Effective Modifications

The beauty of group fitness classes with an expert trainer is that every exercise can be modified for any skill level or to cater to injuries. Our personal trainer can help you get the most out of even challenging exercises, without putting yourself at risk of injury.

Highly-Structured Environment

With someone else guiding you through your workout, you limit the possibility of over- or under-exerting yourself. Often, people don't see themselves getting the results they want in the gym because there is too long of a rest period between each exercise. With our group fitness classes, we keep your heart rate up for the duration of the workout so that you can see the results you're looking for sooner.

Increased Variety

With our group fitness classes, you won't find yourself stuck in a rut. Each workout is filled with fresh exercises to keep your mind and your muscles on their toes, per se. This not only makes your workouts more exciting but also makes them more effective, as you are constantly challenging your body.

Group Fitness Classes In Denver Are FUN!

This is probably the biggest benefit of our group fitness classes in Denver – they are fun! You get to come and be active with your friends or family. You'll leave feeling energized, refreshed, and more powerful than ever.

Group Fitness Classes For Family, Too

Whole Intent is dedicated to helping people live healthier, well-rounded lives. This is why we have designed our group fitness classes to be family friendly. Grab the whole family and get active together!

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