Why Train With Whole Intent?

Whole Intent offers comprehensive fitness and nutrition services, that can be customized for the novice or the pro.

An Approach Rooted In Science

Our personal trainer and nutrition expert has spent the last decade in nursing, obtained an extensive education in nutrition, and competed as a bodybuilder and fitness model. We have combined tactics in each of these disciplines to develop highly-effective programs that can be applied to even the busiest lifestyle. 

The Personal Touch

Every package begins with a consultation where our trainer and nutrition expert can analyze your starting point from every angle. We work with you to determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie, in order to take the best approach to reach your particular goals. This means that our training and nutrition programs are not a "one-size-fits-all" model that we send out with no consideration for your preferences, lifestyle, or goals. In fact, they are quite the opposite - no two Whole Intent plans are exactly alike. 

Support From An Expert

The key to our clients' success is the continuous support they receive throughout their plans. Making a lifestyle change is hard - we know because we've done it ourselves. Not only do you get a partner to guide you through the physical changes necessary for a healthy lifestyle, whether they be in the gym or the grocery store, but you also get a friend to support you through the emotional side of a lifestyle change. You never have to wonder when you work with Whole Intent because we are always just a phone call away. 

  • Squatting in one-on-one personal training session

    One-on-One Personal Training Session


    One-on-one personal training includes a 60-minute training session at the Denver Metro area gym of our choice. Our trainer will guide you through a warm-up, high intensity strength and cardiovascular workout, followed by a cool-down, complete with recovery stretches.

  • Group fitness class

    Group Fitness Class

    $60 for a group of up to 4 or $15/additional person

    Group fitness classes are designed for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 individuals. Each 60-minute session includes a warm-up, high-intensity strength and cardio workout, followed by a cool-down with recovery stretches.

  • Dance class training, skill training

    Skill Training


    Skill training sessions include 60 minutes of specialized training in the discipline of your choice. Disciplines include gymnastics, strength & flexibility, breakdance, ballet, latin dance, hip hop, model posing, and video choreography.

  • Stretching

    Core, Flexibility, & Static Stretching

    $40/45 minutes

    This session focuses on proper form for effective stretching to realign muscle fibers that are sore and fatigued from extensive resistance training. Work with our personal trainer to maintain the natural range of motion, improve mobility, and reduce pain.

  • Posture and Posing

    Posture & Posing

    $60/60 minute session

    A dance-based workout designed specifically for women builds leg strength to build the foundation for good posture. Additionally, you will work with our expert to learn to walk with a purpose and exude the confidence you want to portray.

  • Nutrition coaching in Denver

    Nutrition Coaching


    Our nutrition expert will do a comprehensive analysis of your caloric needs, based on current physical composition, dietary habits, and goals. This analysis will be used to develop a customized 4-week whole food nutrition plan that can be compatible with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. 

  • Nutrition coaching in Denver with grocery shopping

    Nutrition Coaching + Grocery Shopping


    This package includes our standard nutrition coaching with a customized 4-week dietary plan built around your caloric needs. Additionally, our nutrition expert will accompany you on one grocery shopping trip to provide insight and guidance on reading food labels, understanding nutrition facts, and other vital details that play a role in making sustainable, healthy food decisions. 

  • General wellness package in Denver

    Wellness Package

    $215/4 weeks

    The Wellness Package is designed to help you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals. This package includes four, 60-minute, one-on-one personal training sessions and our standard nutrition coaching package, complete with a customized, four-week, dietary plan. 

  • Skills training in Denver

    Skills Package

    $249/4 weeks

    The Skills Training Package includes four 60-minute skill training sessions in the discipline of your choice, as well as our standard nutrition coaching package and a customized four-week dietary plan.

  • Customized Package

    Customized Package

    Prices Vary

    Long-term, consistent training is the cornerstone of success. If you are interested in customizing a package to suit your needs, contact us today to discuss the options. We have at-home, virtual, outdoor, and in-the-gym training options because we strive to make fitness and wellness work for you, not the other way around.