One-on-one personal training session, mid-rep in lunges.

One-On-One Personal Training In Denver, CO

Between professional responsibilities at work, maintaining social obligations, getting your kids to all of their extra-curricular activities, and keeping your home somewhat organized, it is easy to understand why fitness and nutrition get pushed further and further down the to-do list the busier you get. If you can't seem to make it to the gym after working another 10 hour day or because soccer practice seems to always conflict with spin class, one-on-one personal training with Whole Intent in Denver could be the answer to living a happier, healthier, and more energized life.

Reach Your Goals With One-On-One Personal Training

Whole Intent offers comprehensive personal training built on a foundation of science-backed methodologies. Our one-on-one personal training programs follow a four-step approach.


The first step in creating a sustainable one-on-personal training program that actually helps you achieve your personal health and fitness goals is to analyze your current physical state. Our trainer will have you perform basic movements to analyze the way your body functions at a fundamental level. Throughout this evaluation, she is not only looking for signs of muscle weakness, areas that may be prone to injury, and physical limitations but also developing a keen understanding of your physical capabilities.


The information gleaned from your initial evaluation will be used to formulate a custom one-on-one personal training program specifically designed to challenge you in a way that is ideal for achieving your fitness goals. With a background in nursing and nutrition, our personal trainer is intimately familiar with the way our bodies use energy during exercise, rest, and recovery periods, meaning that our programs are designed for you to get the most from each and every workout.


Our trainer will guide you through the implementation process of your one-on-one personal training program. From face-to-face training sessions to on-call support, you have a partner in your fitness journey who is there for a key reason: to support you. Through your customized, one-on-one personal training program, you will gain muscular stability, an understanding of proper body mechanics, and the ability to achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.


With the Whole Intent one-on-one personal training program, you receive expert guidance throughout the entire training process. Upon mastery of the fundamental movements, you will want to move on to more advanced training. Our trainer can help you understand when to add weight, increase reps, include more variety, and more so that you can achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Your time is valuable, so we take great care to create one-on-one personal training programs that work and continue to work so that you are not held back by a plateau or an injury.

Why Our One-On-One Fitness Programs Work

Our personal training programs work for one main reason: they are rooted in science. With nearly a decade as a nurse, extensive education in nutrition, and personal experience as a bodybuilder and fitness model, our trainer has spent the last 10 years combining the best tactics from each discipline to create a highly efficient methodology that can be applied to even the busiest of lifestyles. Having adopted this model herself, our personal trainer understands just how difficult it can be to make changes to your lifestyle, so she designed our one-on-one personal training programs to fit seamlessly – whether you're single or raising kids, working full-time or staying at home. Because our one-on-one personal training programs are tailored specifically to you, you can't go wrong with Whole Intent.

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