Skill training in Denver, CO

Video Choreography and Skill Training

Whole Intent offers skill training in specialty disciplines including gymnastics, strength & flexibility, breakdance, ballet, Latin dance, hip-hop, fitness choreography, and video choreography. With many years of experience as an athlete and fitness competitor, our personal trainer has the best expertise to help you master your impressive athletic skills and improve your overall performance capabilities. It all depends on your goals, your interests, and your willingness to try something new.


Whether you're an athlete struggling to achieve one last skill you need to meet your level requirements or you just want to learn how to do a flip, Whole Intent skill training session in gymnastics can help you do just that. With a deep understanding of the aerodynamics involved in the sport, our trainer can not only help you build the strength and flexibility necessary for specific skills but also perfect the execution.

Strength and Flexibility

Flexibility plays a huge role in your overall fitness and your health later on in your life. Our one-on-one strength and flexibility skill training can help you improve your athletic abilities and prevent injuries. From runners and swimmers to bodybuilders and hikers, there comes a point in every athlete's career where a lack of flexibility will hold them back. But, that doesn't have to be you. Our specialized skill training will make sure your flexibility and strength are in peak condition.


Our dance skill training disciplines include breakdance, ballet, Latin dance, and hip-hop. All of these different dance disciplines are an excellent way to add variety to your fitness routine and burn tons of calories while learning a new valuable skill in a no-pressure environment. Each discipline can be easily adapted to your experience and skill level to create a challenging and fun workout for you. Who doesn't love a good dance workout?

Video Choreography

If you're an avid YouTuber or an Instagram addict, our skill trainer can help your craft and choreograph standout routines that are perfect for video. With Whole Intent, you not only get unique skill and dance choreography, but you also get the benefit of our relationship with local videographers to ensure you create high-quality content.

Skill Training and Video Choreography with Whole Intent

Our experienced personal trainer comes from a diverse background of nursing, nutrition coaching, and fitness training to provide you with high-quality trainings and help you achieve your fitness goals in the best way possible. If you have a particular fitness skill you're interested in strengthening, but don't see it listed above, there's a good chance our fitness instructor is still knowledgeable about the best practices of that skill. We can adjust the skill training to your interests and desires.

All of our skill training and fitness choreography sessions are 60 minutes and can be scheduled at the Denver Metro location of your choosing. Multiple sessions can be scheduled with our skill training package (a $280 value) for a discounted rate. Click the button below and book your first skill training session with Whole Intent today.