Monday, 25 February 2019 19:57

Why Your Apartment Should Have Group Fitness In Denver

Let’s face it: Denver is booming right now. It’s a fact that we have to meet head-on. Whether it’s the nearby nature of the mountains or the new cannabis industry budding out of its infancy, people are flocking to Denver at an unprecedented rate. In 2000, Colorado had just over 4.3 million residents and today, it’s estimated Colorado has over 5.7 million residents, that’s a surge of over 1.4 million people in just 20 years. As Denver grows, so will the competition in every industry, especially housing. It’s time to ask yourself: how is your apartment adjusting to expanding population?

Innovate With Group Fitness In Denver

Apartments should look into new and innovative ways to not only gain new tenants, but to keep their current ones. Hosting group fitness classes can be the perfect way to put your apartment complex miles ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we’ll outline a handful of reasons as to why and how your apartment should host these classes.

Group Fitness In Denver Builds Communities

Tenants do not just want a place to live, they want a place to join a community. Some apartments may shy away from the challenge of building cohesion between tenants, while the more competitive complexes meet it head-on. Apartments try to develop this cohesive environment through community events (e.g., potlucks, clubhouse get-togethers, pool parties, etc.) and group fitness sessions can help your Denver community blossom.

Denver group fitness courses and classes bring groups of individuals together on a regular basis. Exercising with your friends and others has a great number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing your accountability - Group fitness in Denver has a built-in system of accountability due to the positive social pressure of your peers.
  • Restoring your motivation - Your exercise partners are in the same shoes as you, constantly lifting you up, and making it much easier to achieve your goals.
  • Boosting your competitive drive - The positive social pressure of your peers can help push you to your limits and challenge one another.

These are just a few of the communal benefits that group fitness in Denver can provide. You can read more about these personal benefits in our other goal-oriented blog post.

Group Fitness Should Be Your Next Amenity

Tenants come and go, but most likely you’d prefer if they never leave. With so many competitive housing options in Denver, it’s important your apartment complex is bursting at the seams with amenities. While leisure activities, like lounging in the communal pool or playing games in the clubhouse, are important for self-care, nothing is quite as rewarding and ego-boosting as working out.

When we finish a workout we gain these feelings of accomplishment, self-improvement, and happiness; scientifically, exercise has shown to have positive effects on our mental health. These feelings and positive mental impacts can trigger dopamine releases in the brain, which motivate us to continue being productive, energetic, and outgoing. Simply put: a busy tenant is a happy tenant.

And, we all know that if we’re happier and busier in our lives, we’re less likely to change our routines. Which means, we’re less likely to move to an entirely different apartment complex. Group fitness in Denver will not only reward your tenants, it will reward your business in the near future and even further down the line.

Host Group Fitness In Denver With Whole Intent

At Whole Intent, we pride ourselves on standing out from other wellness coaches and trainers in the Denver area. We design our programs around the lifestyles and needs of our customers, completely customizing our courses and programs to what works best for you.

Our Denver group fitness classes are designed to be flexible, adhering to the needs of our customers. In the past, Whole Intent has partnered with local organizations, businesses, and even apartments to host group fitness classes in their Denver locations. Whether it’s a conference, business plaza, or an apartment gym, Whole Intent can host personalized group fitness courses wherever and whenever our customers need.

Curious to see how we can partner together? Learn more about what our group fitness classes entail.

Ready to set-up the first group fitness course for your Denver residents? Book a session with Whole Intent today!