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The Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Enthusiasts

The holiday season has crept up on us with December right around the corner. Everyone is looking for the perfect gifts for their family, friends, and loved ones, but for some people it is tough to know where to start. We have put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for the fitness enthusiast in your life. Check out some of the hottest products on the market below.

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness

The At-Home Exerciser

Someone who prefers to workout at home, as opposed to hitting the local gym, has likely already invested in the equipment they need to get a good workout in from the comfort of their own space. In many cases, this means they have the bare minimum, but could benefit from some of the additional accessories that take a good workout to great.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Many of us do not have the space in our home to have an entire room dedicated to fitness and exercise equipment. A tool like adjustable dumbbells are ideal for the fitness enthusiast who has limited space. There are basic options with plates that can be twisted on and off, as well as more evolved models, like the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells, that you simply set to the desired weight and the dumbbells adjust automatically.

Kettle Grips

Kettlebells are a unique style of weight that allow for more diverse movements that cable towers or dumbbells. These new Kettle Grips attach to your dumbbells to give you an alternate grip on the weights to transform traditional dumbbells to kettlebells. Kettlebells can run upwards of $20 per piece, getting more expensive as the weight increases. These grips let you get twice the activity out of a single investment, so your fitness lover only needs a set of dumbbells, not dumbbells AND kettlebells.

The Recovery Junkie

Recovery is essential in exercise. A well-versed fitness lover will spend as much, if not more, time, energy, and money on the recovery portion of their workout, as they do on the workout itself. A gift that helps your loved one get the most out of their recovery is perfect as we get ready for the new year.

Worm Massage Roller

Foam rollers have undergone significant changes in recent years, as specialists find different ways to help the soft tissue recover from extensive training. The worm massage roller is created with four tennis-ball sized spheres held together with flexible material, allowing the user to get the benefits of isolated targeting with a singular ball, as well as the broad approach of a foam roller.

Massage Gift Certificate

The ability to care for one’s own soft tissue reaches a certain limit. At some point, an athlete needs to put their muscles in the hands of a professional to achieve complete recovery. Getting your fitness enthusiast a gift certificate to see a massage therapist is the perfect gift that they can both love and benefit from.

Recovery Soak

If you know your loved one has a bathtub, a recovery-oriented bath product can be an ideal gift. Whether it is a simple epsom salt which you can get at your local grocery store and a scented candle or a high-caliber luxury recovery bath additive, like goop’s Phys. Ed. Recovery Soak, your fitness enthusiast is sure to appreciate the incentive to take a load off.


The TheraGun is a tool for percussive therapy that is great for athletes and regular exercisers. From lower back pain to bursitis, the TheraGun is ideal for people who put a lot of strain on their body. It can be used before, during, and after exercise to increase mobility and blood flow, improving lymphatic drainage, and decreasing muscle soreness.

The Health Foodie

Most fitness enthusiasts know that health and wellness is primarily made in the kitchen. Tools for nutrition side of fitness can fill a void for your loved one, especially because some of these things people don’t want to buy for themselves.

Blender Bottle Stainless Steel

Blender Bottle has more or less monopolized this part of the supplement industry, producing the first of its kind - a bottle designed for mixing powder and liquids. The downside to the product is that plastic holds onto the smell. Stainless steel, on the other hand, does not. The newest evolution of the product has other advantages, but someone who already has an assortment of plastic bottles might not be inclined to purchase their own stainless one. They will, however, most definitely appreciate one.

The Veggetti

Spiralized vegetables as a replacement for the beloved pasta is a major trend in nutrition circles as of late. It’s a great way to stick to a low carb diet and replace the low-nutrient, starch that is white pasta. A spiralizer is an awesome tool for a foodie who prefers a lower sodium and more cost effective way to eat vegetable noodles.

Single-Cup Blender

Smoothies and other blended drinks are the perfect way to get a nutrient-dense meal on-the-go. However, they are not always as convenient as we’d like them to be. There are a variety of different blenders available that make your single-cup smoothie much more mobile. Check out single-cup blenders and even portable blenders to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

The Outdoor Lover

As a Denver-based company, we see our fair share of outdoor fitness apparel and accessories. There are an abundance of products on the market that will be perfect for someone who likes to be outside.

A Running Belt

If your fitness-obsessed loved one is a runner or a hiker, a running belt is a great accessory. Adjusting around the waist, the belt can hold your essentials, like your phone and keys, while you are out and about without getting in the way of your trek or workout.

A Dog Backpack

For the fitness enthusiast who is never without their furry friend, a dog backpack designed for outdoor adventures is perfect. You can find options that have additional pockets, leash attachments, and fulfill other needs your loved one might need.

The TreadWall

An adventure junkie might get a kick out of the Tread Wall, which is a rotating rock climbing wall that operates much like a vertical treadmill. Your loved one can practice their rock climbing in a safe, secure, and warm environment so they don’t lose their skill during the cold, winter months.

Whole Intent Approved Wish List

If you have a loved one who loves to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can definitely find a gift that suits their wants and needs and will be sure to win you the title of “best gift giver.” If someone in your life might like work with Whole Intent, find out how we can create training gifts for you this holiday season.