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Bored With Your Workout Routine? Try A Dance Workout In Denver

You can try to fight the urge to dance to popular songs like “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Lose Yourself,” but for a lot of people it’s impossible to avoid. And for good reason! Dancing, just like music, is an ingrained element of not just in our culture, but of our DNA as well. Many researchers believe that dance has been essential to our survival as a species. It’s a vital element of who we are, so why not just embrace dance in our everyday lives? You’d be surprised what kind of health benefits a dance workout in Denver can offer you.

How A Dance Workout In Denver Benefits You

We’ve heard it a million times before and we’ll hear a million times more — too many people are hesitant of dance workouts because they claim, “I’m not good at dancing” or “I can’t dance.” Dance workouts have never been, and will never be, only for professional dancers. Literally anyone can capitalize upon the health benefits of a quick dance workout in Denver.

Here are just a few of the numerous health benefits of a dance workout.

Dance Workouts Improve Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

Regardless of whether you’re practicing ballet, swing, or breakdancing, when you focus and apply yourself mentally, you can drastically improve your aerobic fitness. In fact, the aerobic exercise of dance training has been clinically proven to improve nervous system coordination and balance. That’ll come in handy on your next hike in the mountains or at your weekend volleyball game.

Aside from the stretching that naturally comes at the beginning and end of most dance workouts, dancing naturally challenges each of us to push ourselves to our physical limits. Flexibility is very important to your overall health, and you should strive to improve your flexibility daily. Incorporating a dance workout in Denver into your regular routine can play a key role in this.

Dance Supports Weight Loss/Weight Management

If you’re struggling with your weight loss goals, then try switching up your workout routine with a dance workout instead. Not only is it way more fun than an hour on the treadmill, a dance workout in Denver can actually burn tons of calories. For instance:

  • Ballet can burn roughly 380-450 calories/hour.
  • Salsa dance can burn 405-480 calories/hour.
  • Hip-hop can burn anywhere between 370-610 calories/hour.

The amount of actual calories that you can burn fluctuates according to a number of factors including your weight, muscle mass, gender, and the intensity of the workout. Regardless, dance workouts can offer tremendous support for effective weight management.

Be More Confident and Improve Your Self-Esteem

All too often, we become very self-conscious when we dance and we can be reluctant to truly lose ourselves in the music. It may be a tough initial barrier to overcome, but when you actually “dance like nobody’s watching,” you’ll find your concerns disappear quickly. As you learn new dance moves or stumble your way through salsa steps, you’ll begin to feel a sense of achievement and take pride in what you’ve accomplished.

A dance workout in Denver gives you the opportunity to reflect inwards and appreciate your own beauty, movement, and rhythm. Did we mention that you get a chance to freely express yourself? Dance a little bit this afternoon and see how it improves your self-confidence.

Strengthen and Tone Your Muscles Through a Dance Workout in Denver

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” you’ve definitely noticed how strong and physically toned those professional dancers are. There’s a reason for that: dancing is a physically demanding activity, especially when you have a partner. Have you ever tried to perform a proper ballet lift or swing your partner around while dancing to “Sing Sing Sing?” It’s tough!

When you dance, you don’t just engage your feet, but your entire body. Dancing may be especially good for your leg muscles (with complex footwork and the occasional squat), but you work your arms and upper body in a variety of dances as well. With enough time and effort, you’ll start to see that muscle tone the professional dancers have.

Improve the Condition of Your Heart and Lungs

Aside from the benefits of exercising at a higher elevation, a dance workout in Denver provides you with great aerobic exercise for a prolonged period of time. Just like other forms of aerobic exercise, such as swimming or hiking, you’ll be able to strengthen your cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

Studies have even shown how individuals can improve their oxygen intake and artery elasticity from a simple waltz class. By getting your heart rate up for a 60-minute dance workout, you’ll have tons of fun while improving the strength of your heart and lungs.

Book Your First Dance Workout In Denver

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