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4 Reasons To Try A Dance Workout In Denver Today

If you’ve ever found yourself caught an hour deep in an episode of Dancing With The Stars (no shame - we’ve all been there!), you’ve likely noticed that the professional dancers are more toned than your average Baywatch lifeguard. There is a reason many celebs who are featured on the show find themselves shedding more pounds than they ever thought possible. Dancing is actually one of the most effective styles of workouts and, often, it’s so fun you don’t even realize that you’re working out. While the pros of dance workouts are abundant, we’ve narrowed it down to four key reasons why you should try a dance workout in Denver today!

Why You Should Try a Dance Workout in Denver

Got Two Left Feet? We’ve Got Two Left Shoes - Just For You!

Let’s get this common misconception about dance workouts out of the way before we get too far - you don’t have to be a pro to capitalize on the benefits of dancing. In fact, you can have no rhythm whatsoever and still get a great workout from dancing.

Dance Workouts Are Aerobic

It’s probably no shock to you that dance is a great way to get your heart pumping. A dance workout in Denver is a great way to get your cardio exercise in without boring yourself to tears on the treadmill. Aerobic exercise can be any sustained exercise that stimulates and strengthens your heart and lungs. Some of the most common types of aerobic exercise are jogging, biking, or swimming, but dance workouts are a fun way to break of the monotony of a typical workout.

You Can Get Toned Through Dance

Whether you’re holding your arms in a sustained position or moving your legs through squats and kicks, a dance workout in Denver is going to strengthen more than just your cardiovascular system. Because your entire body is engaged, you’re able to get a full-body workout from dance that would take you hours to imitate with weights. All of your muscles can be toned through dance, from your glutes to your back to your biceps.

A Dance Workout In Denver Is F-U-N

What sounds like a better time: an hour walking in the same place on the stairmaster or an hour of jamming out with your pals?

Need we say more? A dance workout in Denver is guaranteed to be a good time - even if you can’t dance. Especially if you can’t dance!

Dance Workouts Are Adaptable

The beauty of a dance style workout is that there are so many different types to choose from. From ballet to hip hop to pole dancing, you can customize the kind of experience you want to get from your dance workout in Denver.

This also means that is can be a great form of exercise for any level of athlete. Whether you’re a beginner who’s still not sure what aerobic exercise even is, a regular gym go-er who’s tired of the same routine, or an older individual who wants to stay active with a low impact activity, a dance workout is for you.

Find Your Dance Workout In Denver

Whole Intent offers dance workouts in a variety of different disciplines. With both group and one-on-one training, you can spice up your workout routine without sacrificing the benefits exercising has for your body. Check out our dance workouts in Denver here.