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4 Health Benefits Of A Personal Stretching Coach In Denver

For some, stretching is second nature. They stretch every morning and before every workout without a second thought. For many others, stretching isn’t as easy. Old injuries can make people hesitant to stretch and others may not know where to begin. Those non-stretchers are missing out on the incredible health benefits that stretching can provide. A personal stretching coach in Denver can show those people the ropes and help them achieve the health benefits of stretching.

How Can A Personal Stretching Coach In Denver Help Me?

Stretching certainly isn’t as hard as climbing a 14er or running a marathon. But, stretching is no walk in the park. If done incorrectly or with poor form, you can actually injure yourself and hurt your fitness progress.

A personal stretching coach works to teach proper stretching techniques, help you realign your muscles, and improve your mobility safely. Through their in-depth sessions, a personal stretching coach in Denver will give you the knowledge you need to avoid injuries, strengthen your muscles, and improve your flexibility.

The Benefits of A Personal Stretching Coach In Denver

Stretching isn’t always easy. If you’re not even close to touching your toes, you may feel helpless and unmotivated to improve your stretches. A personal stretching coach in Denver can help you push through that discomfort and start achieving a healthier lifestyle. Let’s examine some of the health benefits you can achieve with the help of a stretching coach.

Improved Flexibility

The passage of time is the unbeatable enemy of your health! As you age through your life cycle, your body begins to slowly break down and deteriorate. Your eyesight gets worse, your joints become weaker, and your range of motion is more restricted. It becomes harder to do daily tasks, like tying your shoes or picking up your kids. You can offset these health problems by maintaining your flexibility as you age.

It’s simple in theory: The more you stretch and move your muscles, the better your flexibility becomes. Even just 30 seconds of stretching can significantly improve your flexibility and range of motion. But, we understand that some people may struggle with certain stretches, especially if they’ve suffered past injuries. A personal stretching coach in Denver can show you alternate poses that may be more comfortable and still improve your overall flexibility.

Increased Nutrient Distribution

Do you know what happens when you sit around all day? Your muscles contract and tighten up. This contraction not only impacts your range of motion, but also your circulation. You don’t have to be a personal stretching coach in Denver to know that poor blood flow is never a good thing. Having worse blood circulation means your muscles and organs aren’t getting the nutrients they need to function properly.

Of course, stretching can help. Fitness experts and researchers alike agree that stretching increases the function of your circulatory system. When you improve your blood flow, you also improve your ability to distribute nutrients throughout your body. A more accessible supply of nutrients means your muscles can get the nutrients they need to function properly. This improved circulation can also contribute to less onset muscle soreness.

A More Positive Mindset

Stretching improves your physical abilities, but it can also benefit your mental health too! Similar to a yoga session or a bit of meditation, stretching gives your mind a chance to recharge and refocus. Stretching provides you with an opportunity to give yourself a mental break and clear your mind for a little bit. While a personal stretching coach in Denver walks you through various stretches, you can reflect inward to remove negative thoughts and emotions from your mind. When you’ve finished your stretches, you’ll walk away with a more positive outlook on the day and with less clutter in your mind.

Increase Your Energy

We all feel lethargic and sluggish some days. Caffeine is the go-to fuel of choice for so many of us. But, that caffeine rush only lasts for a few hours at most, and then we’re right back to square one. Rather than reach for another cup of coffee, try working a good stretching session instead. It can be the best natural way to invigorate your day.

How exactly can stretching wake you up? Basically, it’s a result of the improved circulation. The increased blood flow gets oxygen and nutrients to your brain and your muscles faster. This is incredibly beneficial for your alertness and energy, especially in the AM. Stretching first thing in the morning could be the perfect way to energize and jump-start your day.

Your energy also has a lot to do with how you feel. Just think about it for a second. When you’ve been feeling sad or down in the dumps, did you have boundless energy? Probably not. The chemical hormones in your brain have a huge influence over your emotions and your energy. When you stretch, your brain is blasted with the release of a bunch of endorphins. These endorphins are the happy chemical hormones that improve your mood. And a better mood means more energy.

Realize These Benefits With The Best Personal Stretching Coach In Denver

It’s generally assumed that stretching is the easiest thing you can do. But, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most injuries occur when you don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes all you need are the insights of an expert to improve your physical prowess.

If you’re ready to improve your health with these benefits, contact Whole Intent and start working with a leading personal stretching coach in Denver today!