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How To Vet A Nutrition Company In Denver

Don’t assume that one nutrition company is the same as the next! It’s hardly ever the case. Nutrition companies may share similar nutritional focuses, but their approaches, practices, and guiding theories may be entirely different. You don’t want to get stuck with a nutrition coach that ignores your needs! So, it’s important to vet your choices before you decide. To help you vet your options, let’s examine some guidelines that any reputable nutrition company in Denver should adhere to.

Vetting A Nutrition Company in Denver

The search for the right nutrition coach doesn’t have to be frustrating. When you’re comparing one nutrition company in Denver with another, consider these criteria before deciding.

Reputable, Experienced, And Knowledgeable

Let’s face facts: proper nutrition can be difficult. In our age of misinformation, many people don’t understand what a balanced diet even looks like. That’s why so many turn to nutrition coaches for their expertise. But, anyone can claim to be an expert. So, what are some signs of a truly knowledgeable nutrition company in Denver?

  • A Diverse Background - Don’t just go with the nutritionist who’s fresh out of school! The best coach will have a resumé packed with a variety of fitness and nutrition based experiences. Perhaps they spent time as a bodybuilder or a nurse. The more diverse their experiences are, the more nutritional wisdom they’ve accumulated.
  • Demonstrated Knowledge - Maybe they’ve written numerous nutrition articles or they’re regularly featured in nutrition blogs. A good nutrition company in Denver should demonstrate their expertise through a variety of documented ways.
  • A Reputable Guiding Theory - Any approach to nutrition starts out with a few guiding principles. What grounds their approach in reality? Is there a scientific basis to their methods? Without a good foundation, how can you trust their advice?
  • Up-To-Date on Diet Trends - From Keto to Paleo, a reputable nutritionist understands the minute details of diet trends and can explain to you why they do or don’t work.


Still feel uncertain about their expertise? Speak with them directly to learn more! Once you’re a few minutes into your conversation, you should be able to gauge their wealth of knowledge.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

No two people are the same. Not even identical twins! So, why should your diet plan be the same as someone else’s? Everybody responds differently to certain foods and everybody has a different metabolism. We all require different amounts of specific nutrients and vitamins. Some nutritionists tend to overlook this and treat every patient the same. That approach doesn’t work and it will never work.

A high-quality nutrition company in Denver should develop personalized nutrition plans for each individual client. This dietary plan should be constructed through an initial consultation. This gives the nutrition coach an opportunity to learn about your current nutrition, exercise habits, goals, and more.

This nutrition plan should not only be structured to achieve your goals, it should also integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and schedule. Are you accustomed to 6 micro-meals throughout the day? Your plan should be adapted to that. Have you been vegan or gluten-free for some time? Your plan should accommodate your dietary restrictions.

Your nutrition plan should be developed for you, and you alone.

And, as any great nutrition company in Denver knows, it doesn’t stop there. As your dietary plan is implemented, your nutritionist should stick with you to help you overcome the hardships of your diet transformation. From there, your nutrition coach should analyze your progress and adjust your diet as needed. From first steps to full adoption, your nutrition coach will be there for you.

Teach Sustainable Practices

Practically everyone has tried a fad diet or two over the years. We stick to the diet for a few weeks, see some results, celebrate, quit while we’re ahead, and see the results quickly fade. Those changes never last because all the yo-yo diets are not sustainable options for most people. They’re the nutritional equivalent of “get rich quick” schemes: they make big promises that inevitably screw people over.

Ask any nutrition company in Denver and they’ll tell you that sustainable practices are key. A good nutritionist teaches you sustainable eating habits that meet your nutritional needs. Any successful nutritional plan focuses on healthy whole foods and skips over supplements as much as possible.

Supplements offer great nutritional boosts, but they can’t replace a healthy diet. They’re not a practical or sustainable approach to proper nutrition. They should only be implemented in nutrition plans on a case-by-case basis, and your nutrition coach should understand that.

Work With A Leading Nutrition Company In Denver

At Whole Intent, our approach to nutrition coaching is simple: we’re cost effective, realistic, and practical. We develop personalized nutrition plans that are filled with the foods you already love and will meet your fitness goals in the best way possible. Contact the leading nutrition company in Denver today and start reaching your fitness goals.