Thursday, 28 January 2021 12:47

How To Exercise Safely Through Group Fitness in Denver

This past year has been a test of adversity for all of us. From total lockdowns to restriction regulations, we have had to adapt to a new way of living during the pandemic. While we have spent a large amount of time exercising in our living rooms via virtual workout classes, most gyms have finally begun to re-open. Whether that means limited capacity, reserved sessions, or one-on-one training. But, what does this mean for group fitness in Denver? We’re here to break down all the ways you and your workout partners can get a sweat on together, safely!

Current Restrictions for Group Fitness in Denver

The COVID restrictions in Denver County are currently at the Orange level (High Risk). This means gyms are allowing 25% capacity and even less if participating in a group fitness class or small group personal training. All open gyms are taking the necessary precautions to keep their business open and safe for everyone who visits. These may include measures like having every other piece of equipment open to ensure a safe distance, hourly deep-cleaning, and making masks mandatory throughout the duration of the workout.

However, it is important to note that current COVID restrictions are still subject to change in the Denver metro area. If the current level of protection changes to the Red or Purple levels, gyms may be forced to close their doors once more and group exercise may become discouraged again. At least for now, group workouts are still considered to be safe (if they follow local regulations).

Some Safe Options for Group Training

One of the best things about group fitness in Denver is that you can decide how many people you want to participate with. If you are scheduling a group personal training session with a fitness coach, you can decide how many people you feel comfortable exercising with (up to the restricted limit, of course). So, if you are planning a session with a trainer and some friends in a studio indoors, you can ensure all of you are safe during your workout.

Luckily, group training can take place anywhere! If you have 10 friends who want to join in, a local park is a great option for everyone to break a sweat and stay socially distanced. Here are a few examples of great group workouts that you can do in the gym, outdoors, or anywhere else!

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) - This is a circuit workout and will make you feel amazing! It typically consists of 3-4 rounds of 5 exercises for 30 seconds to 1 minute each. This type of workout can be done with or without weights, so it can be done anywhere!

  • Cardio Training - Whether your cardio of choice is running, walking, biking, or playing sports, it’s great to grab some friends and do it together!

  • Yoga/Pilates - These forms of exercise can be done individually or with some friends. Just grab a mat and go to a studio or park, or go to your favorite studio and sign up for a private class!

How a Personal Trainer Can Benefit Your Group Training

One great thing about group workouts in Denver is that they can be safe while simultaneously being challenging and fun for everyone participating! And there’s no better way to take your group workouts to the next level than with the help of a fitness trainer.

At Whole Intent, our trainer is extremely experienced in personal one-on-one training and group training, so she knows all the safety measures and procedures to ensure you feel safe. Our fitness trainer can craft a safe group workout for you and your friends that’s engaging, customized to your interests, and above all else, fun.

We are proud to offer group training sessions with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8, so you can decide the amount you feel most comfortable with. Once scheduled, be prepared for 60 minutes of intense strength and conditioning training and a ton of encouragement! Our trainer will even go the extra mile to expand your knowledge on fitness and proper nutrition, so you can gain the tools you need to maintain and improve your health.

Schedule Your First Training Session For Group Fitness in Denver!

If you are tired of staring at your computer or TV screen to workout with pre-recorded videos, and you are missing your workout partners, schedule a group training session with our trainer today! We would be thrilled to come workout with all of you and help improve your health and wellness.

Stay safe and stay in shape with Whole Intent. Contact us today for more information about group training!