We’ve all had it happen. We get into a fitness routine, it seems to work for a while, but then we become unmotivated. Part of a health journey is to go through the ebbs and flows of both encouraging and discouraging times. Remember, It’s normal to want a refresh when sticking to a routine for a long time, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult! As a personal trainer in Denver, CO, I’ve done my fair share of workouts and coaching sessions. So to combat those tough times, our personal trainer at Whole Intent put together this exclusive guide of tips to keep you crushing those fitness goals. Let’s dive in!

Starting a health journey can be incredibly difficult, and it’s even more difficult to maintain your momentum. That’s where an expert health and fitness trainer comes into play. With the tools and strategies that these professionals offer, you’ll be able to achieve your goals in no time. Because when you combine the practices of fitness and nutrition, you’ll be set up for the best chance of success. Trust us, we know the heavy consideration it takes when looking for a coach. That’s why we developed this exclusive guide on the 5 reasons to work with a personal fitness and nutrition coach.

We all know that there are many benefits to achieving better nutrition. A healthy and well-balanced diet can reduce your risk of disease, improve your mood, and promote better overall wellbeing. A nutrition program could be just what you need to achieve that healthier lifestyle. But, how can you find the right one when there are so many nutrition programs in Denver?

Personal fitness is a difficult thing to master on your own. Between not knowing the right techniques to not being able to find the time, fitness is a tricky balancing act. That’s why a personal trainer can really make the difference in your results. And since they are experts in their field, a fitness coach will make working out easy! While you can expect many positives out of Denver personal training services, here are 4 things you could experience first-hand.

Losing weight is not easy – despite what those diet infomercials say. It takes dedication, time, and the right tools to be successful. And with most Americans feeling dissatisfied with their weight, those struggling are not alone. Despite the hard work, the results are worth it! We are here to tell you that healthy weight loss is achievable, all you need is the right kind of support. By investing in a Denver weight loss coach, you’ll gain access to the positive support you need and a multitude of benefits. Let’s dive into our 4 favorite things that a weight loss coach has to offer.

When it comes to strength training, the weightlifting deadlift is an unrivaled exercise. Traditional deadlifts can work wonders on your lower back, hamstrings, and more! But sometimes, we can easily get burnt out by doing the same exercise repeatedly. And we know that for many beginners, deadlifting can be intimidating.

If you’re not familiar with deadlifts, we have an excellent blog on all of the basics. To recap: when beginning your deadlift, start off in a stance with your feet hip-width apart. Once you’ve got a good grip and a solid form, you’re ready to begin.

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