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5 Actionable Tips from our Health Coach in Denver

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not a static decision, but a lifelong learning process. There is no quick fix to determine what a healthy lifestyle will look like for you – it is an ever-evolving process. Oftentimes, there are a multitude of factors that impact your wellbeing. A health coach can help with that by working with you to develop a strong understanding of your personal needs alongside evidence-based data to curate a customized health plan. Visiting a health coach in Denver can help you prioritize your needs to reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Advice From An Expert Health Coach in Denver

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a credentialed professional who offers strategies to help patients improve their overall health. The ultimate goal of a health coach is to empower their patients to become experts of their own bodies through personalized support, education, and accountability.

Our Health and Wellness Coach

With a diverse background in nursing, nutrition, and bodybuilding, Ashlee at Whole Intent in Denver has the expertise to coach you towards your healthiest self. She has helped plenty of patients experiencing symptoms such as chronic fatigue, irritability, and depression get back on track with their healthy journeys. She has built her wellness philosophy around Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs. And she understands that a solid foundation of health is necessary in order to build up the strength to live a full life.

Health is a lifelong journey, but you can start improving your wellbeing as soon as you finish reading this article! Check out these five insightful tips from our expert health coach to start feeling better today.

1. Always Carry a Water Bottle

As cliché as it sounds, drinking the recommended daily intake of water is vital for your wellbeing. Water does make up 50-70% of your body weight, after all. The side effects of not drinking enough water, which include indigestion and fatigue, can escalate gradually over time. To stay hydrated, you should aim to drink close to a gallon of water a day. This will leave you feeling fresh and naturally energized throughout the day.

2. Incorporate Movement into Your Daily Routines

Making movement a natural part of your day keeps your body functional and pain free, which is one of many ways to live a long and healthy life. Even when you can't make it to the gym to complete an hour-long workout every day, there are ways to get your muscles moving.

  • Take your meetings standing up
  • Park in the back of the lot for a quick walk
  • Take the stairs over the elevator
  • Stretch in the morning before getting dressed

These minimal activities can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

3. Eat Fresh Foods You Enjoy

The advice to eat your daily fruits and veggies is not incorrect, but all too common. The reality of healthy eating expands beyond just fruits and veggies. A high-protein diet with foods such as nuts, beans, or meats will energize your body.

Experiment with different meals to pinpoint what works best for you. Being healthy is not just doing what seems right, but what actually feels good for you. Develop a list of foods that excite your taste buds for a well-rounded meal.

4. Set Realistic Goals

When you seek to make improvements in your lifestyle, it can be easy to become impatient for the results. Keep in mind that there is no quick fix and these changes are for the long-term. You may not see instant changes in your health, but you will be crafting better habits for lifelong wellness.

Start by setting daily micro-goals such as drinking enough water or stretching every day. By starting small, you can avoid overwhelming yourself with several new changes at once. This way, you can stick to your goals and implement new strategies gradually as you go on.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

The most important tip when going on a health journey is to be kind to yourself along the way. Making the conscious decision to be healthier is already a huge accomplishment. You have recognized a need to change and are ready to make those adjustments. Words of self-encouragement can go a long way during challenging lifestyle shifts. Remind yourself of your strength to see a positive reflection in your everyday life.

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