Thursday, 10 September 2020 14:20

How To Spot Warning Signs With A Denver Personal Trainer

When it comes to finding a Denver personal trainer, the market is extremely competitive. The good trainers know this, and they know they must step up their game to prove that they are the best option. However, with great trainers comes the not so good, and there are a few red flags that can indicate a trainer may not be the best for you. With years of experience in the industry, we thought that we would create a guide to help you filter out the not so great fitness coaches and help you pick the best coach for your health journey. Let’s discuss how to spot some warning signs.

They Won’t Be Accommodating

At the end of the day, it’s your health and your journey. With that, comes the need for trainers to be accommodating. They should be able to cater to your schedule (within reason, of course) and come to you from time to time, rather than you doing all of the commuting. The entire point of hiring a trainer is to make fitness as accessible and as simple as possible. Given this, your trainer should always be as accommodating as they can.

Their Prices Are Not Competitive

As we stated earlier, the market for Denver personal trainers is very competitive. With Denverites prioritizing their health and fitness more than ever before, a coach must be priced competitively. Sure, you ultimately get what you pay for, but there is a difference between a fair price and a price that just can’t be justified. So, make sure you shop around and get quotes from multiple trainers. If one is exponentially much higher than others without reason, this is a warning sign.

They Don’t Have A Reputable Online Presence

In 2020, let’s be real, every reputable fitness business should have some sort of online presence. Between an easy-to-use website to multiple social media platforms, a digital footprint really keeps your mind at ease and makes you feel that the trainer knows what they’re talking about.

Their Reviews Are Not The Best

Negative reviews are something every business is vulnerable to once and a while, but if you see continuous bad reviews, this is a huge warning sign. Make sure you do your due diligence and look up the Denver personal trainer in question before you ever agree to train with them. When it’s your fitness journey, you only deserve the best!

They Don’t Give Individualized Plans

No one likes a cookie-cutter training plan. If that was the case, you’d just look up workouts on your own time. The main benefit of a Denver personal trainer is that they assess your body type, caloric needs, and goals to create an individualized plan that is just for you. Everyone is different, so you must be treated as such! Don’t settle for a plan that isn’t customized or unique.

Work With The Best Personal Trainer In Denver

There’s no better time than now to kick-start your health journey. With a little more time around the house, investing in your health can be easier than ever! If you’re ready to lose weight, gain muscle, start living a healthier life, or all of the above, you can really benefit from hiring a fitness coach. At Whole Intent, there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients reach their goals. We create custom fitness and nutrition plans that are manageable and sustainable. Say goodbye to trendy diet fads and hello to a healthier lifestyle.

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