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5 Questions To Ask Personal Trainers In Denver, CO

If you're trying to get in shape, then you should consider hiring a personal fitness trainer. With the guidance of a tried-and-tested fitness expert, you'll have the support you need to achieve your fitness goals. However, there are many personal trainers in Denver, CO, and each one is different from the last. How can you ensure you're hiring the right professional for your needs?

It ultimately comes down to a handful of questions that you need to ask each trainer you're considering. Today we'll break down a few of the top key questions that you should ask when comparing Denver personal trainers.

What You Need To Ask Personal Trainers In Denver, CO

Reputable fitness trainers will offer inexpensive or free consultations to prospective clients. As you compare various trainers, take some time to book a few consultations and meet 1-on-1 with those fitness experts.

Treat those consultations like job interviews. They offer a great opportunity to vet a given trainer a little further so that you can get an idea of whether they're the right fit for your needs.

During those consultations, be sure to ask the following essential questions.

1. How Long Have You Been A Fitness Trainer?

This is a must-ask question for any fitness trainer. You can generally assume that the longer someone has been in the fitness industry, the better a coach they will be. Education is obviously important, but experience is the best teacher.

By asking this question, you'll ensure that you aren't being paired up with a rookie when you need a pro. And don't forget to inquire about their fitness expertise from before their professional training days too.

2. How Would You Describe Your Training Style?

All of the fitness trainers in Denver are unique, so you can expect each one to have a different teaching style. Some may be loud and in-your-face, while others may be hands-on and join you in your workout. Certain trainers may instead teach through visual instruction and others may be too quiet for your liking.

You'll want to determine, in advance, which training style(s) you respond to best. Then find a trainer who can provide that type of experience for you.

3. Do Your Offer Nutrition Services?

While your physical fitness is important, you can't forget about your diet too. Even if you exercise consistently with your trainer, you won't make any progress if you continue to eat unhealthily. Some health experts would even argue that your diet is more important than your exercise routine (Lifehack).

For that reason, it's important to find a trainer who can also offer nutrition coaching services. For instance, we can develop a personalized dieting strategy in tandem with a custom training plan for you at Whole Intent. When you have these two plans at your side, you'll always have clear guidance on your path to better health.

4. Are You Flexible On Location?

You lead a busy lifestyle. Some days you simply don't have the time to drive all the way to the gym for a workout. On those busier days, you'll be glad you've hired a mobile fitness trainer.

What is a mobile fitness trainer? It's a personal training specialist who will come to you! Whether you want to work out at home, in the park, at the gym, or even at your place of work, your trainer will bring the workout to your place of choice (Origym).

At Whole Intent, our trainer is mobile and highly flexible to your needs. With our support, you can squeeze in expert-guided workout sessions with our fitness professional anywhere and anytime. Talk about a convenient way to improve your health and wellness!

5. Can You Provide Me With Some References?

The proof is in the pudding. And the same can be said for the fitness industry too.

Does your trainer have a proven track record of success? Have they helped other clients achieve their health and fitness goals? If so, they can likely achieve similar results for you.

A trainer will only be as good as their reputation allows. For that reason, you shouldn't just ask for before and after images of their past clients. At a bare minimum, ask to read through a handful of past client testimonials.

If you want to ensure a fitness trainer is right for you, then ask them for a few references. By speaking with those former clients, you can gain a better understanding of whether you've found the right trainer or not.

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