Wednesday, 31 March 2021 12:17

4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight in Denver This Spring

If you are having trouble losing weight or simply have no motivation to do so, you are not alone! Losing weight sounds like an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many fun, creative, and simple ways that you can lose weight in Denver without having to visit the gym! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are meant to be enjoyed and empowering, and there are a number of ways that you can shed off some pounds and have fun while doing it. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

1. Take a Hike!

Luckily for us, Denverites have an abundance of hiking trails right at our fingertips. If you aren’t an avid hiker, you can opt for an easier trail. In general, the amount of calories you burn while hiking depends on your weight, the intensity of the hike, and the terrain. There are many trails in the Denver Metro area that are just beautiful, from the Bluffs Loop down by Lone Tree to the Deer Creek Canyon hike out near Littleton. Hiking is a great way to get your daily steps in, enjoy the fresh air, and take in the impressive scenery of Colorado. But, be sure to pack enough water to stay hydrated!

2. Workout at a Local Park

Just like how there are many hiking trails in and around the Denver metro area, there are also a plethora of parks throughout Denver too! Exercising in your living room or at a gym can get repetitive, so mix it up with a park workout!

Working out at a park can be whatever you want it to be. From yoga and running to high-intensity bodyweight circuits, there are so many options! And as fitness experts at Shape note, a simple park bench can be an awesome accessory for a strength training workout too. Grab a friend or your headphones, get outside, and crush your workout this spring.

3. Visit Red Rocks For Exercise With a View

We all know how great Red Rocks is as a concert venue, but have you ever tried exercising there? You can run up and down all 70 rows of the Red Rocks amphitheater for a killer cardio and lower body workout, or you can attend a Yoga on The Rocks class to start your day off on an inspiring note! What’s better than a workout with a view? By incorporating fun fitness activities into your workout routine, like working out at Red Rocks, losing weight in Denver can be more simple than you might think.

4. Plant a Garden

That common saying that “abs are made in the kitchen” is true because you can’t outwork a bad diet. With sunny spring weather approaching, now is a great time to plant your own garden. By incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet and working on the physical act of building a garden (e.g., pulling weeds, shoveling, etc.), you can easily shed some weight (Cooking Light). Plus, planting and maintaining a garden is a fun springtime activity, and you’ll feel very rewarded when you start to see your plants grow!

Lose Weight in Denver This Spring With Whole Intent

If you are tired of not seeing results from your weight loss efforts or simply don’t know where to start, now is the perfect time to switch things up and use the beautiful weather to your advantage! There are plenty of ways you can stay active, get in better shape, and shed extra pounds this spring. And we can help you get started.

At Whole Intent, our trainer and nutrition coach, Ashlee, is educated and passionate about personalizing a fitness plan just for you. She’ll help you achieve your weight loss goals, introduce you to new forms of exercise, and help you have fun while doing so!

If you’re ready to lose weight in Denver this spring, contact us to get started!