Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:33

Weightlifting 101: Variations On The Weightlifting Deadlift

When it comes to strength training, the weightlifting deadlift is an unrivaled exercise. Traditional deadlifts can work wonders on your lower back, hamstrings, and more! But sometimes, we can easily get burnt out by doing the same exercise repeatedly. And we know that for many beginners, deadlifting can be intimidating.

If you’re not familiar with deadlifts, we have an excellent blog on all of the basics. To recap: when beginning your deadlift, start off in a stance with your feet hip-width apart. Once you’ve got a good grip and a solid form, you’re ready to begin.

We understand the fear and apprehension that surround deadlifts, but we are here to tell you that mastering this exercise can happen. If you’re ready to shake things up with your deadlifting workout, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a helpful guide with variations for beginners or for those simply wanting to spice up their weightlifting deadlifts. Let’s dive right in.

The Deficit Deadlift

Though deadlifts are extremely beneficial for your strength, they can be very tricky for beginners. That’s where the deficit deadlift can come in handy. For this variation, your stance will be the same as your traditional deadlift. Be sure to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your chest up as you hold the bar.

Instead of standing on the ground though, you’ll be standing on a weight plate. This adds an extra inch or so of height to your exercise, which is where the “deficit” comes from. It allows you to have a greater range of motion and it engages your thighs and glutes even more than traditional deadlifts. If a weight plate is unavailable, any other flat stationary surface will work.

This variation is a very great option for those intimidated by traditional deadlifts and we can all utilize this great technique!

Sumo Deadlift

Similar to the sumo squat, the sumo deadlift requires you to stand with your feet pointed out in a wide stance. Your hands will also be on the inside of your legs, so keep this in mind when you’re setting up your form. One major benefit from this variation is the increased pulling strength, which allows the lifter to maintain more control.

This exercise is beginner-friendly, so don’t wait to incorporate the sumo deadlift into your weightlifting deadlift routine.

Romanian Deadlift

This variation is very similar to the conventional deadlift, but your shoulders will be back and your spine should be straight. This variation provides even more targeting for your hamstrings, making it an excellent, well-rounded technique to target your legs. One of the best benefits of this exercise is that you can do them almost anywhere. Since you don’t need much weight for them to be effective, this is an excellent exercise to do in a pinch. Just remember: practice these deadlifts under safe conditions and beginners should practice under the guidance of fitness professionals.

While deadlifts can be challenging, leveraging common weightlifting variations, like the Romanian technique, can be very beneficial.

Snatch Grip Deadlift

On the snatch grip deadlift, your hands will take on a wide grip. Though your grip is slightly wider than your conventional deadlift, this exercise should not be done with a wider stance. This type of deadlift is common with Olympic athletes, but don’t let this scare you off! Snatch grip deadlifts are wonderful for many of your muscle groups. Due to the fact that your hips are set lower, your glutes and hamstrings get extra strength training. So be sure to try this exercise next time you’re looking to challenge yourself!

Though this weightlifting deadlift variation may take a few workouts to master, the benefits can outweigh the difficulties.

Perfect Your Weightlifting Deadlifts With Whole Intent

Fitness experts love weightlifting deadlifts because the technique is extremely fundamental and it targets many muscle groups at once. Everyone should consider incorporating various deadlift forms into their exercise routines! We know how overwhelming it can feel to start deadlifting right off the bat. That’s where a personal trainer can come in handy! A fitness professional from Whole Intent can show you the ropes to weightlifting and help you perfect your deadlift form.

Would you like some hands-on training for your strength training? Then book an appointment with Whole Intent and we will personally give you the best weightlifting deadlift techniques!