Thursday, 16 December 2021 21:47

Master Skill Training with a Denver Fitness Coach

If you’re a gymnast, dancer, or choreographer, you know the importance of homing in on your skills and keeping them sharp for performance. Learning specialized skills can take years of training to master and perfect. If you’re feeling stuck or like your progress has plateaued, it may be time to start working with a personal skill trainer. Doing so can help you narrow in on techniques that can take your performance to the next level. Are you ready to master skill training with a Denver fitness coach? Then keep reading!

What is Skill Training? And How Can a Denver Fitness Coach Benefit You?

While it takes time to develop any skill, some activities are more intuitive than others. Skill training can help you sharpen skills, such as dancing, that may require a little more guidance from an experienced professional. The key to skill training is to focus on specific movements and poses that will help you improve.

During skill training, you’ll focus on building new micro-skills, improving your skill execution, and strengthening your routine consistency. In doing so, you can do more than just build your strength, but also your confidence by focusing on improving your athletic abilities.

It’s important to train with a specialized fitness professional because it will help you prevent injury and improve overall performance. With many years of experience as an athlete and fitness competitor, our personal trainer has the best expertise to help you master your impressive athletic skills and improve your overall performance capabilities.

There are several types of skills our Denver fitness coach can help you with. At Whole Intent, our primary skill training courses focus on the following specialties:


With a deep understanding of the aerodynamics involved in the sport, our trainer can not only help you build the strength and flexibility necessary for specific gymnastics but also perfect your execution.

Strength and Flexibility

Our one-on-one strength and flexibility skill training can help you improve your athletic abilities and prevent injuries. From runners and swimmers to bodybuilders and hikers, there comes a point in every athlete's career where a lack of flexibility will hold them back. This course aims to prevent that problem in the short and long-term.


Our dance skill training disciplines include breakdance, ballet, Latin dance, and hip-hop. All of these different dance disciplines are an excellent way to add variety to your fitness routine and burn tons of calories while learning a new valuable skill in a no-pressure environment.

Video Choreography

If you're an avid YouTuber or want to build an Instagram following, our skill trainer can help you craft and choreograph standout routines that are perfect for video. With Whole Intent, you’ll not only get unique skill and dance choreography, but you’ll also benefit from our relationship with local videographers to ensure you create high-quality content.

Enhance Your Athletic Skills with our Denver Fitness Coach

Whether you're an athlete struggling to develop one last skill, or you just want to learn how to do a flip, Whole Intent skill training sessions can help you do just that.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, Whole Intent can help you create a lifestyle that supports them. Our fitness and skill training services in Denver include comprehensive and personalized fitness programs designed to help you achieve your goals. Our skill training sessions last for 60 minutes and will include specialized training in the discipline of your choice.

Contact Whole Intent today to book your consultation with our skill training coach in Denver today!